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SKU: G37201S
Brand: Globo Lighting
qty: 50
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Globo Lighting is an Austrian trademark since 1998.
Valgusti kirjeldus: Solar Light plastic black, plastic translucent, IP44, Switch, Sensor:inkl., 3-5m, 180°, inkl. 1 x 1500mAh Li-Ion 3,7V, WxH:163x180, OH:125, incl. 1xLED 3W 3,2V, 600lm Source, 500lm Output, 3000K
Energy Class A
Material and Color Must plastik
Maks Lumens 3 500
Kõrgus [cm] 18
Laius [cm] 16,3
Max Wattage, W 3
Colour Temperature 3 500
Nr. of light sources 1
Socket type LED
Package Length [cm] 61
Package width [cm] 44
Pakki kõrgus [cm] 48,5
Series SOLAR
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